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Monday, 17 February 2014

How to take care battery car.

Car batteries suffer if heavily discharged, damaging the cells as well as failing to start the car. So, if the charge warning light comes on, or if the battery seems very sluggish on starting, get the system checked as soon as possible.
If the battery has removable vents (maintenance-free batteries may be sealed, and low-maintenance batteries may not be easy to open) check the electrolyte level. Top up to cover the plates with distilled or deionised water – de-frost water from the ’fridge is ok provided it’s absolutely clean. With maintenance free or low-maintenance batteries, topping up should only be necessary every year or so: have the charging rate checked if much water is being lost.

Corrosion of the battery terminals can cause starting problems. Before removing either battery lead make sure any radio and security codes are noted as given in the handbook, and the engine must be stopped. Remove the negative lead (Black – ) first, then the positive (Red + ), and just lightly scrape the battery posts and the inside of the terminals. Coat the faces with petroleum jelly and re-attach, tightening firmly but not over-straining the fixings.

A battery has a bunch of lead walls in it and they produce chemical electricity by mixing and moving acid around inside. But when your car bounces around a lot these lead walls loosen up, brake off, and can cause your battery to die quickly, or not operate and leave you stranded. To reduce vibration of your battery make sure that your battery is secury straped down, usually cars have some sort of bracket or tie down to hold it in place. Just make sure to check that it’s still there from time to time or that it hasn’t become loose.
Another way to keep good care of your battery is to keep it properly charged. To keep it charged right run the vehicle for about an hour at least one time a week. If you drive normally then you don’t have to worry about it. By running the car the alternator generates electricity and runs it back to the battery and charges it. Letting your battery die by leaving the key on or the lights and then having to jump start it all the time is bad for your battery, you shouldn’t put your battery in such extreme conditions. It needs to be at a constant voltage.

Now we can talk about inspection for your battery. It’s pretty simple, if you car takes a long time to crank over and feels slow, or it doesn’t crank over at all, chances are your battery is bad. If your battery is bad it can still turn on the car, it just may take longer. If you feel your battery may be bad, just take it to your nearest auto shop and have them test it, they usually don’t charge you for it, or charge very little. If it’s bad they are very easy to change the battery, just take off the two battery cables, and then remove the holding bracket. When taking off the battery leads, make sure to take the negative (black) lead off first then take off the positive (red). Then when you reinstall the cables you need to put the red on first then the black last. If you do it backwards there is a chance you could mess up a computer. Below is a video on how to change or replace car battery:
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